Commercial Upholstery Fabric – About High Grade Upholstery Fabric

Commercial Upholstery Fabric is typically composed of synthetic fibers or a combination of synthetic and natural fibers which are produced by highly durable fabric material, suitable for upholstery work. The following synthetic fibres are commonly used in the weaving of commercial fabrics:

1. Nylon

2. Polyester

3. Wool

4. Olefin

5. Acrylic

Non- woven commercial upholstery fabric includes:

1. Faux leather

2. Bonded leather

3. Genuine Leather

The standard industry measures say, there could be abrasion resistance in upholstery fabrics. A minimum range of 30,000 double rubs is ideally suggested for any commercial upholstery fabric.

Best industrial-based commercial upholstery fabric – is available at home upholstery in a wide range. Below are some of the most common industries to find extensive use of commercial upholstery fabric

1. Restaurants

2. Healthcare

3. Hospitals

4. Education Institutions

5. Retail Stores

6. Theatres

7. Office use

8. Civic centers

9. Industrial offices

Get more, suggestions for choosing the best commercial upholstery fabric, which suits your requirement at home upholstery today!!

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