Custom Furniture Sydney – Leather or Fabric? What type of lounge is more durable?

A lounge is one of the most integral parts of any house in any commercial place like a showroom, etc. So, if you are looking for upholstery repair for your lounge, it’s important to spend some time looking for basic requirements of fabric type which fits within your budget, lifestyle, and comfort and aesthetic factors as well.

Also, remember that the higher the quality of fabrication and the lengths to which you take care of it, the longer your lounge will last. But there can be two different types of fabrication material you can use for your lounge – fabric or leather? in terms of durability.


The life of any lounge fabric depends upon its type of fabric it used – like cotton, linen, and wool, which obviously withstand and wear better on your lounge, though if they are mixed with a synthetic material, will be more breathable, easier to clean and a little more fade-resistant.

When planning for upholstery repair for your home furniture then fabric cab lasts longer with a high-quality look and feel to your lounge.

In terms so its, repair, cleaning, fabric lounge are relatively easy to maintain and giving regular enhancement in your daily life.

On the other hand, the leather lounge will keep its shape and esthetics for years to come, and though lighter colored leathers are less stain impervious, they are still easier to clean than their fabric counterparts. Leather lounges are also very durable, and less likely to pill, tear, or fray. It’s more like to good for commercial purpose for shops, pubs, etc.

However, in terms of durability leather lounge, still need occasional maintenance. Regular cleansing will keep the leather soft and supple, and spills will be less likely to get soaked into the fabric’s pores. Conditioning consistently wills a specially formulated product will also help prevent cracks and splits.

So, if you are looking for giving new life to your furniture into fabric or leather, contact our experts at Home Upholstery Sydney. We are specializing in custom furniture repair and restoration services.

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