Custom Made Furniture - Lounge Chair Guide

Updated: Jan 12

Custom Made Furniture - Lounge Chair Guide

Do you need lounge chairs for your reception area? If you are thinking of having them custom built to match the office present interior design here’s your quick guide when choosing the design, size, material including the framework of the custom-made furniture lounge chair. Design There are many styles available for lounge chairs. The key when discussing with a furniture specialist about the design options is your preference. It’s crucial that you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve in the end. For example, if your office interior theme depicts a modern ambiance it’s just practical to opt for modernly designed lounge chairs. However, if your office present set-up is old, then, going for a traditionally styled lounge chair is the best option.

Size The available sizes for a lounge chair can be either small or large. Other factors that will affect your final decision on the size of your custom-made lounge chairs are the size of the room where they will be placed and comfort while sitting. If you prefer sitting on a lounge chair that gives the user the feeling of generous space the perfect size would be a larger built lounge chair. In the event your office has limited space a custom-made lounge chair in smaller built with high armchair would definitely resolve this problem.

MaterialWhat are your options for the material? The two materials commonly used in the production of a custom made lounge chair with high armchair are leather or fabric. Depending on your budget you can go for luxury type leather material. However, if you are tight on budget fabric material will do provided you carefully choose the texture and pattern. If you find it hard to decide between leather and fabric, here are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, leather is durable as compared to the fabric material. With colours the options for leather made lounge chair may concentrate on shades of tan, black or white. As for fabric material the options range from soft wool, a combination of wool and rayon or sheepskin, plus the colours vary from natural to brighter shades.

Frame The frame of your lounge chair may also vary from wood, metal or plastic. The final decision on the material to be used for the frame will depend on your personal preferences. If your current office interior embraces modern look you will have to decide between metal and plastic. However, if your office design depicts the old and rustic look better choose wooden framed lounge chairs.

What other factors to consider when ordering custom made lounge chairs with high armchair?

Now that you have some idea on the design, size, material, frame and colour of your custom made lounge chair it would be also helpful to check on other factors that will affect your final decision. Here’s what you need to pay close attention:

•Purpose of the lounge chair. Is it solely used for sitting or relaxing?

•Draw the attention of guests as a masterpiece collection. If so, you need to opt for an upholstered lounge chair with intricate armchair.

•Final destination of the lounge chair. If it is intended to be placed in the reception area where heavy traffic is expected, you need to choose carefully the shade and/or type of fabric like leather or fabric. A leather lounge chair in a darker shade is easy to clean and maintain than a lighter shade fabric made lounge chair with high armchair.

If you need guidance on design, material and framework of your lounge chair why not visit a leading furniture restoration specialist committed in providing offices, healthcare facilities and hotels with top quality furniture pieces. Call us on 1300 368 856 to find out more.

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