Types of Chair Upholstery for Lounge Chairs

When selecting lounge chair upholstery, one thing you’ll need to consider is the upholstery fabric. In this regard, leather seems to be the more popular choice. However, there are many types of fabric that can be used for the said purpose. Below are some of the most common types of chair upholstery and the pros and cons of each.


Cotton is one of the more popular types of upholstery fabric in Sydney used as upholstery not just for lounge chairs but for other types of chairs as well. What many people love about cotton is its softness as well as the various styles and designs available. However, it does have its drawbacks.

For one, cotton can be easily soiled and stained since they tend to absorb liquid really fast. Also, they are prone to wrinkling which can make your lounge chairs look worn and old. Lastly, their colors can easily fade when exposed to direct sunlight which can negatively impact their appeal.


Linen is another popular material for chair upholstery. It is a good choice for both casual and formal settings—from bedroom chairs to lounge chairs and more. What makes linen a better choice than cotton is its ability to resist pilling and soiling however like cotton linen also tends to wrinkle easily.


One of the advantages of nylon fabric over others is its inherent strength. Thus, when compared to other types of fabric used as upholstery for lounge chairs, it is more durable and tends to last longer. Most manufacturers usually combine nylon fibers with other delicate types of upholstery fabric like velvet and others.

However, one thing you should know regarding nylon lounge chairs upholstery is that they are sensitive to light. Thus, exposure to direct sunlight will have a negative impact on its color. Furthermore, unlike cotton and linen which can be washed with water and detergent, nylon fabric may require the use of a solvent-based solution in order to be cleaned properly.


One lounge chair upholstery fabric that has gained popularity over the years is polyester. Aside from the variety of designs, it is also durable like nylon. Polyester is commonly mixed with other fabrics to reduce fading since it stands up well to sunlight. This blending also adds resilience to napped fabrics and makes them resilient to wrinkling. Depending on the type of polyester, it can be cleaned with soap and water or it may require solvent-based cleaners.

There are several other types of upholstery fabric, Sydney that can be used as chair upholstery fabric for lounge chairs or any other type of chair like bedroom chairs or comfortable chairs. What’s important to remember though is that the fabric you choose should fit your lifestyle and design taste.

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