Which is better option? Upholstery restoration or to buy a new furniture

If your old furniture is looking a little lacklustre and you’re exploring the idea of something new before you jump online or head out to the furniture stores, consider what might work best for you, upholstery restoration also called as reupholstering or buying new?

Both options can be beneficial for different situations; upholstery restoration is often a much easier process than buying brand new – it can save you time, hassle, and in many cases, cost – whereas buying new furniture can be a better option if your current suite isn’t of a high quality and you want to change the size or style of sofa or couch.

It’s probable that the furniture you bought some years ago is much better quality than the mass produced one you can currently get from a modern retailer. Typically, furniture frames that were made ten to fifteen years ago are generally better quality, so you can guarantee it’ll last. You also know that the furniture you already have fits perfectly in your home, so with upholstery restoration service you needn’t worry about measuring up or infolding in a new furniture piece.

With upholstery restoration option, you can expect your money to travel that bit further. If you buy new, you can almost always expect to buy again a few short years later, so it’s actually more expensive in the long term.

The price of upholstery restoration is generally manipulated by size, style, fabric, and whether or not your furniture is antique. You can expect upholstery restoration to cost from around $800, and that price will cover you for years to come. With upholstery restoration you’re making an investment, so we want to ensure that it’s something you’ll feel proud of, and that’s why we’ll go that extra mile to replace any damaged springs or padding, completely free of charge. Unlike other companies who may just replace the fabric on your furniture we virtually rebuild your treasured piece from the inside out.

What is easier to do?

Upholstery restoration is a relatively speedy service, the whole process takes around 8-10 weeks with your sofa reupholstered and back with you in 2-3 weeks. When buying new, you can typically expect your furniture to arrive within 6-8 weeks. However, reupholstered items tend to use much higher quality fabric – and it’s sure to last you several more years. It’s worth taking this into account.

Reupholstery is a convenient option if you have a quality piece of furniture that fits perfectly within your home. If not, then it may be more convenient to look for a replacement.

With home upholstery professional upholstery restoration service, a member of our helpful team will visit you in your home, for free, to chat with you about your particular furniture tastes and requirements. Home Upholstery consultants will take a look at your furniture and provide you with a quote right there and then. We’ll talk you through what materials and fabrics are on offer, providing large swatches and samples, so you can see exactly how it’ll match your home. Sounds quite lovely, no?

Our home upholstery consultancy team are committed to making the process as easy and stress-free as possible. From taking all the necessary measurements to educating our customers about the durability of different fabrics, we’re here to ensure your furniture looks beautiful again, providing you with an outstanding reupholstery service. To know more about our services, visit us at home upholstery or call us on

1300 368 856

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