Why Choose Furniture Restoration?

Updated: Jan 19

When redecorating or changing up the furniture in your home, people often default to buying new and forget about furniture restoration. Old and worn out pieces of furniture are often still structurally sound. There is usually little to no damage to timber, foam, or other material inside, just the upholstery. Furniture restoration can replace the damaged upholstery while keeping the body of the chair, which keeps the exact same size, shape, and comfort you are used to. It is also great for the environment as upholstery repair has less material ending up in landfills. This makes furniture restoration the go-to option for environmentally conscious decorators.

Some things simply cannot be replaced, and furniture restoration is the best option. Furniture that has been in the family for generations will hold significant sentimental value. Skilled upholstery repair experts can replace the worn fabrics with fresh new ones to stay as true to the original style as possible. Even when the furniture does not hold sentimental value, it can still be better to restore. New furniture is quite expensive, especially when trying to match a theme. Upholstery repair allows almost limitless design options to perfectly match your décor.

Furniture restoration works best when done by experts. Home Upholstery is a master in the furniture and upholstery repair field and can breathe new life into all of your home furniture.

Our exquisite upholstery repair work is featured across Sydney such as Sydney Tower Buffet.

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