Why choose us for your furniture restoration?

Home Upholstery is about quality and artistry. We are passionate about preservation, sustainability, and second chances for any piece of furniture. By exclusively utilizing premium quality materials, we ensure your furniture will stand the test of time. All textiles in our wide range are hand-picked, making sure they are of the highest standard and suited to the purpose.

Our expertise ranges from concept and design to furniture restoration from a bare frame to a signature upon arrival each piece is carefully assessed. We walk you through the entire process, from timber finishes to textile selection and styling catered to your individual needs. We intently restore everything from scratch, honoring time-worn processes, while making sure to salvage any usable material from the original. We strip every layer back and remove every last staple. The structural integrity of the frame is thoroughly evaluated and restored as needed. What you get back is essentially a new chair ingrained with history.

Home Upholstery is the place of trust for all your furniture restoration needs in Sydney. To know more about our services, visit us at

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