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At Home Upholstery we take pride in our work


The experts in diamond buttoning, Home Upholstery guarantee excellence in residential & commercial upholstery repair

Allow our dedicated team of upholsterers & designers to realise 

the potential of your furnishings with our furniture repair service

Giving life to a piece of furniture is more than just colour, texture or shape.

A part of the craftsman must be imparted, leaving an indelible imprint, creating an aesthetically perfect functional artwork.

The artisans at Home Upholstery epitomise the unique combination of unsurpassed quality, finely honed expertise, and an innate instinct to deliver unparalleled works.


From commercial to residential, custom made to restoration, experience combined with passion is the key to the success of Home Upholstery.  Tackling the big jobs is where this company shines.

With more than 30 years of upholstery experience tucked under his belt, founder and Managing Director Charles Charbel strives for nothing less than perfection.

With the ability to envision the project from inception to the finished product, Charles's greatest pleasure is bringing the precise expectation of each client to fruition.  A magician at his trade.

It’s no wonder Home Upholstery enjoys a well-earned reputation in the industry as a leader in innovation and quality for their furniture repair service.

Producing commercial pieces, regardless of complexity, will satisfy the bespoke needs of your business.

Home Upholstery preserves the art of upholstery repair, a tradition of beauty and finely honed skills. 

They confidently offer a 12-month guarantee on all workmanship.

Our Suppliers

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